Ahhh… Uruguay! A land of rolling hills and vast fertile grassy plains, Uruguay is one of the most intriguing countries in South America. Alive with the spirit of the gaucho, its mild and sunny climate offers year-round appeal. Is truly a country of coastline and beaches, and whether on the ocean or inland rivers and lakes, water sports abound all over the country.

Punta del Este, known as the “St. Tropez of the South”. Is still one of the most glamorous getaways on the continent; a place chosen by the fanciest people to enjoy their summer holidays. From December till March, the international “jet setters” arrive in the town for a summer dominated by beaches during the day and prestigious parties during the night. Exclusive restaurants, hotels and private villas are hidden as well in nearby beaches such as Laguna del Sauce and Jose Ignacio. These are the perfect places for a sandy retreat, or if you prefer, you can be pampered in luxurious accommodations.

Colonia del Sacramento, is a small village 2 ½ hour drive from Montevideo. It was put on the list of World Heritage UNESCO Sites in 1995. It was founded in 1680 and was the only Portuguese settlement along the Rio de la Plata. For years it operated as a contraband port, evading the strict rules imposed on trade by the Spanish crown. Today it is a resort city, a port, and the trade center for a rich agricultural region. You still find streets made of cobblestones and houses built in Portuguese style.

Carmelo, only 40 minutes away by boat from Buenos Aires, Carmelo provides ample opportunities to experience an exceptional getaway. The old quaint farming village sits adjacent to pristine woodland on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. It’s an ideal place to explore the Uruguayan countryside on horseback, observe the enormous variety of birds that frequent this gloriously unspoiled region, visit local wineries or just relax and enjoy the incredible views and friendly people. We have some amazing getaways that we would love to share with you!

Montevideo, is Uruguay´s capital city, a picturesque settlement of both Italian and Spanish colonial architecture. Favorite stops include historic Ciudad Vieja, the lively Mercado del Puerto, with its eclectic restaurants, open-air markets, shopping venues, and miles of attractive and clean sandy beaches that ring the city’s coastline.



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