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Buenos Aires, Santa Fé, Córdoba.

Ahhhh… breathtaking Buenos Aires! It is a fascinating destination, also known as the “Paris of South America”, it is distinctly Latin American yet simultaneously very European. It’s among the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. It has a distinguished and often troubled history which becomes very interesting and difficult to understand. It’s a throbbing metropolis with its own personality, full of traditions, countless attractions and the friendliest people imaginable.

Buenos Aires is the eighth largest city in the world, located along the shore of the Rio de la Plata. A place where a traveler can wander at any hour, enjoying street corner cafes, colorful flower and fruit markets, cobblestone streets lined with shops, and anything imaginable, all under a shinning sun year round. When you travel with us, we show you Buenos Aires from an insider’s perspective. We have lived here all our lives and know all the ins and outs.

You will have access to world class museums, see beautiful 19th century European architecture mixed with modern sky-scrapers, go to theaters and art galleries, and visit our never ending parks, incredible residential areas, the trendiest shops, antique stores, restaurants, bars and cafes, and experience one of the most seductive facets of Argentine culture: Tango.

Beyond the capital city, there is much more to experience in the never-ending flatness of our famous pampas. The provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, and Córdoba offer a number of estancias and working ranches that provide authentic experiences. We have insider connections allowing us to visit these private estancias, where you will learn about the gaucho lifestlye, eat delicious asados, or Argentine barbeques, go horseback riding, cattle collecting and milking, learn about agricultural life and attend polo clinics.

Cordoba’s Jesuit ruins give an insight into Argentina’s past for the history buffs. And if you are looking for some rest and relaxation, we can plan a day or weekend trip to the beach, whether it be hopping over to Uruguay or heading south of Buenos Aires to stay at friend’s beach house or a beachfront hotel.

Additionally, we have amazing connections in the world of horses, a network that includes horse racing in the Hippodrome, polo playing, thoroughbred breeding, horse jumping and much more. For more details on the limitless options, see our section on Day Trips from Buenos Aires. We can include activities such as those listed when planning your Customized Travel itinerary.

Considering the variety of landscapes and climates of this region, any time of the year is perfect for visiting.





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