Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja.

This area of Argentina is best known for its vineyards and wineries; it is paradise for those who enjoy wine-tasting and other gastronomic pleasures. We will take you to some of the best wineries in Mendoza, going on private tours and tasting the finest of wines.

Mountains and rivers provide a natural playground for our more adventurous travelers. Within reach of the city of Mendoza, in the Andean mountains lies Aconcagua, highest peak of the Americas. Follow the trail José de San Martín, the Liberator of Argentina, took as he crossed the Andes in 1817, as part of his plan to free South America from Spanish rule. The landscape of the region ranges from snowy Andean peaks to green fertile vineyards, valleys and sand dunes to marshes to volcanoes. Regardless of your mountain experience, we will tailor an adventure to your abilities and desires.

Perhaps you prefer water sports to trekking and climbing; luckily Mendoza is home to the Cañón de Atuel and Atuel river where you can go white water rafting. If windsurfing is your sport, the Cuesta del Viento dam is known as one of the best windsurfing spots in the world.

The provinces of La Rioja and San Juan present a different landscape: impressive desert parks of eroded landforms. The gigantic red cliffs, sculptured sandstone canyons and eerie moonscapes in the National Parks of Talampaya and Ischiguaslasto, (known as the “Valley of the Moon” for its lunar landscape) are truly breathtaking to behold, and both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Regardless of your exact itinerary, we will be sure to show you the best of the best of this region. Of course, after a long day of winery touring or outdoor activities you will find yourself comfortably situated at a private estancia, watching the sun set behind the Andes with a fine local Malbec wine in hand.

Hiking, horseback riding and cycling can be done all year round in the region.  Summer is for water sports on the lakes and rivers.  Winter season is perfect for ski fans.





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